The world’s first wrappable RF applicator is here! FlexSure™ delivers non-invasive deep tissue RF treatments in only 15 minutes which results in tightening of loose skin and stimulation of collagen production to enhance the contours of your body. The flexible applicator curves and conforms to multiple body parts including the abdomen, flanks, back, arms, buttocks, thighs, and knees.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for FlexSure™?

FlexSure™ RF treatments can be performed on all skin types and tones. There’s no BMI restriction, although, like all body contouring procedures, it’s not intended for weight loss. Our experienced providers can help you determine whether this treatment is the best option for you.


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What Happens During Treatments?

Your provider will prep the desired treatment area before carefully adhering the peel and stick FlexSure™ applicator to your skin. Once the RF treatment session begins, the applicator will begin emitting heat, elevating the subdermal tissue temperature. 

You’re free to relax for the 15-minute session. Your skin will feel warm, a sensation some patients have described as a gentle hot stone massage.

What Should You Expect During Recovery?

There’s zero downtime after a FlexSure™ treatment. You’ll be free to go about your day as usual, with no pain or restrictions. Unlike many body contouring treatments, FlexSure™ won’t cause swelling.

How Many FlexSure™ Treatments do You Need to See Results?

You’ll see results from a series of FlexSure™ treatments in four to 10 weeks, depending on how many treatments you need for your contour goals and the area being treated. Most people have three sessions per treatment area, two weeks apart, to see significant results, but some see an improvement in as few as two. Others need as many as five treatments to see optimal results. 

The applicator is flexible, which means it can more efficiently contour historically hard-to-treat areas such your flanks, thighs, and knees.


FlexSure™ Treatments in Los Angeles, CA

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Concerns treated by FlexSure™: Radio Frequency (RF) Technology


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