Why am I always tired? You’re not the first to ask yourself this question. While we all feel overcome by fatigue from time to time if you find yourself constantly tired, even after a full night’s rest or a relaxing day, there may be a more complex issue at play than simple tiredness.

What Are the Common Causes?

Fatigue is normally a response from your body telling you to take a break. Muscle fatigue gives tired muscles an opportunity to heal and grow. Mental fatigue gives us the opportunity to rest, sleep, and revitalize our brains. Without it, we might push ourselves too hard, resulting in daily stress and the expenditure of energy. Chronic fatigue is a different matter. We still don’t know all the causes of chronic cases, tiredness that occurs even if you have not expended energy or are fully rested, but we do have some ways to treat it.

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What Are the Signs and Symptoms?

Symptoms of chronic cases include difficulty sleeping, difficulty getting out of bed, trouble concentrating, headaches, joint aches, and muscle aches. These feelings can come on suddenly and be unrelated to how much rest you have gotten or how much energy you have expended.

Are There Any Fatigue Treatment Options in LA?

The great news is that at Refresh Med Spa LA, we are trained in providing several treatments that have shown effectiveness in dealing with fatigue. These involve getting vital nutrients into your system more directly as well as providing supplements that help you to restore a natural hormonal balance. The options include:


Fatigue Treatment With Refresh Med Spa LA

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