The appearance of rosacea may come as a surprise to many people. This pervasive pattern of facial redness which may also be accompanied by itchy skin bumps usually appears in mid-life and may be mistaken for a rash or bad acne. It can worsen if untreated, with continued skin redness and a collection of acne-like papules or pustules around the nose area and on the cheeks. Fortunately, at Refresh Med Spa LA, we do offer several treatment options for rosacea.

How Does Rosacea Occur?

Rosacea is the result of an immune response characterized by the mass production of cathelicidin peptide protein. This causes massive inflammation of the facial skin, enlarging blood vessels underneath to create the characteristic skin redness. The exact cause of the immune response is not always clear and may be due to environmental factors, genetics, or both.

Close-up of rosacea on a woman's cheek

What Are the Symptoms?

Facial redness and red bumps around the nose and cheeks are the most noticeable symptoms. The bumps may be uncomfortable and create an undesirable look. In the condition known as ocular rosacea, the bumps and inflammation are clustered around the eyes.

Rosacea Treatment Options

We can offer you a choice of treatment options for your rosacea at Refresh Med Spa LA. Many of our clients see benefits from a chemical peel treatment, which involves the use of glycolic acid to gently exfoliate the top layer of skin, allowing fresher, more even-toned skin underneath to emerge as it heals. We have also seen considerable success using Intense Pulsed Light therapy with our specially focused laser that safely targets skin discoloration.


Rosacea Treatment in Woodland Hills, California

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