The unfortunate reality is that as we age, even starting as early as 30, it can begin to show in our skin in the form of aging skin spots, other skin discoloration, sagging skin, and fine lines and wrinkles. Even if you take great care of yourself and you feel young and healthy, your skin may not always cooperate. Fortunately, what nature takes away, we at Refresh Med Spa LA can help restore.

What Are the Causes?

Our body naturally produces collagen and elastin, substances that give skin its suppleness, resilience, and elasticity. The older we get, the less of these our body produces. As a result, our skin cannot snap back as readily when we use our facial muscles, and wrinkles and sagging skin occur. These effects can be exacerbated by sun damage, smoking, environmental pollutants, and even other factors like stress and genetics.

Close-up on a middle-age woman's face and skin

What Are the Signs of Aging Skin?

Typical aging signs present themselves subtly at first. Aging begins with the gradual appearance of wrinkles on the forehead, brown spots on the hands, and crepey skin texture. These signs become more and more prominent after age 30 and may soon develop into a big concern for some. If you’ve become acutely aware of your aging signs, fret not! At Refresh Med Spa LA, we offer a wide selection of different treatment options to help you restore the beauty of your skin.

Anti-Aging Skin Care With Refresh Med Spa LA

We have a number of highly effective treatments for your skin, tailored to your particular needs. Some of these treatments may require multiple sessions but can prove highly effective and are virtually or completely pain-free with little downtime. Ask us about anti-aging skin options like:


We Treat Aging Skin in Los Angeles, CA

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