You may have heard age spots referred to as sun spots or brown spots, but it all comes down to the same problem: patches of hyperpigmentation on the skin that usually result from a combination of overexposure to the sun’s rays and the natural effects of aging. While these spots will not go away on their own,  we do have techniques at Refresh Med Spa LA that can give you a more noticeably even skin tone.

How Do Age Spots Occur?

The element that gives our skin its color is called melanin. In some people, excess sun exposure over time causes that melanin to pool in certain areas, making those areas appear darker. These patches of darker skin are referred to as age spots, sun spots, or brown spots. They can appear over time or pop up suddenly, but once they arrive, they are not going anywhere without treatment.

Close-up on age spots

How Do I Know If I Have Age Spots?

If you have brown spots on your skin, you probably know it. They are flat, round, or oval, light or dark brown patches on otherwise light skin. You usually get them on you hands, face, and other areas where sun exposure is greatest. They can be as small as freckles or as large as half an inch or so in diameter. They usually appear in clusters.

How to Get Rid of Brown Spots in LA

Finding out how to remove age spots in LA is extremely important, as we are famous for our year-round great sun. At Refresh Med Spa LA, we have several answers for you, including:

These are all methods for safely removing the top layer of skin containing the sun spots and promoting collagen production, so your new skin can heal with a much more even texture.


Treating Age Spots in Los Angeles, CA

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