Menopause is a specific point in a woman’s life when she ceases to have her menstrual periods. It occurs on average between the ages of 45-55, although it can occur earlier or later. The brief period beforehand is known as perimenopause. Menopause can cause a hormonal imbalance in women, which can generate undesirable symptoms. These symptoms fade over time, but if you are struggling with them, there are therapies available to help.

What Are the Signs?

If you have gone 12 months without a menstrual period you are considered to have entered menopause. Perimenopause symptoms, such as missed or late periods, are also a sign that menopause will soon arrive, although pregnancy is still possible during perimenopause.

Older woman with a headache

What Are the Symptoms?

Symptoms that women struggle with can include night sweats, chills, hot flashes, thinning hair, vaginal dryness, mood swings, incontinence, and weight gain. Not all women will experience all these symptoms, although some may. Some may experience very few of these symptoms or none at all.

Menopause Care in LA With Bioidentical Hormone Replacement (HRT)

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement (HRT) is a solution that many women have found effective when going through menopause. It is a hormone replacement therapy system that helps to restore the hormonal balance that has been upset by menopause. We can examine you and discuss your symptoms to generate a personalized treatment program with HRT. It is not particularly painful, requiring only some quick injections or pellet insertion under local anesthesia, and can do wonders for addressing hormonal deficiencies.


Menopause Management in Los Angeles With Refresh Med Spa LA

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