Kia Rowhanian M.D.

In the world of aesthetics and body wellness, Dr. Rowhanian has embraced and practices the mantra of “Feel Good, Look Good”.  A graduate of Microbiology from the University of Washington, and with a Medical Degree from Chicago Medical School, he believes firmly in taking a scientific and holistic approach in creating a medical and aesthetic practice that is well grounded in the latest objective data supporting his methods and medical aesthetic best practices.  With nearly 20 years of medical practice, he is proud to be multi faculty trained in anti-aging, aesthetics, as well medical management of the body. 

Dr. Rowhanian is a board-certified emergency physician, also known as “the jack of all trades.”  A field that requires him to know something about everything and allows him to deal with an entire range of minor illnesses to life-threatening critical conditions.  From this wide spectrum of experiences, he has been able to develop a strong understanding in both body physiology, and of course aesthetics.  Having seen patients with serious skin conditions as well as trauma, he has developed a profound understanding of skin healing.  

Having established a mastery in acute illness and aesthetic management, he is currently focused on continuing his relationship with clients beyond a single visit.  For this reason, Dr. Rowhanian now enjoys providing global health and youth promoting guidance to his clients which includes anti-aging regimens, hormonal balancing, weight loss and management, optimization of micronutrients, and practicing true artistry in rejuvenation and youthful skin maintenance.  

Dr. Rowhanian may be well rooted in science, however, he also enjoys exercising his creativity as well as development of mind and body outside of the medical world.  He loves the outdoors, being an avid skier and instructor, fisherman, and spending time camping with his family.  He also likes to explore his artistic talents in other avenues working with his hands, ranging from woodworking to baking elegant cakes.

His desire now is to take his business and medical industry expertise, entrepreneurial mindset, bottom-line focus, forward-thinking and bring to you, Refresh Med Spa LA.

Dr. Rowhanian looks forward to helping you Feel Good, Look Good.

Nurse Fatima

Nurse Fatima has a passion for health and wellness. She received her BSN in Nursing from Washington State University. She has spent the last 17 years working at UCLA Medical Center. Her interest in Aesthetics and Wellness compelled her back to school to obtain certification in various procedures including anti-aging, hormone therapy and medical weight loss.

She believes it is possible to have aesthetic treatments while maintaining a “natural” look. She understands there is a strong correlation between emotional and physical health. When you feel and look good, both mentally and physically, you attain the proper balance for a beautiful life. She establishes a trusting provider-client relationship with the knowledge necessary to make healthy decisions about their treatments to effectively address their individual needs. She is an advocate for continuing the wellness and aesthetic treatments you receive at Refresh Med Spa LA with a unique selection of products to maintain your goal to feel good and look good at home.

As a Nurse, Fatima has and continues to help people. Her passion has always been healthy self-care and wellness. She wants to share her secrets with others to feel the same. She believes in developing and maintaining excellent, long-term relationships with her clients to aid them in their health, wellness, and beauty aspirations taking care from the inside out.” 


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