Get your ‘glow on’ – ON US when you visit for a Hydrating Facial ($99) – anytime in June!  

Provider performing facial

You already know how amazing our hydrating facial is. The feeling of that smooth solution hitting your face and just as quickly washing back off into the machine, carrying with it all the dead skin layers that have been collecting on top of each other.

Because we love you, our gift to you at the appointment will be application of our “No Down Time” Peel. Getting rid of those layers of old skin with the hydrating facial, removes that “dead skin barrier” and allows your peel to penetrate deeper and bring out your glow.

But wait, there’s more………You will be taking with you a home peel to keep that glow going for the summer – On Us! To get your free item, must book through our app: JOIN HERE.

There is limited space. Only 12 spots for the whole month of June so do not delay. Hop on this deal now!

OKAY BUT ALSO…. How about a Free-12 (B-12)

as a Thank you for visiting on Wednesdays!

B12 was the Hero of the Winter, and we’re here to make it the Hero of the Summer – Maybe you’re pushing yourself to chase your kids around, grab happy hour with co-workers, crush a work deadline, get wine with the girls and wear your SPF every day… 

Get a little help with a B12 shot, regularly $69, or you can get one ON US, if you visit any Wednesday and enjoy services of more than $250.  Just mention ‘Free12’ to your provider, any Wednedsay AT THE START OF YOUR VISIT – this will help us stay on time!

Call/Text us for an appointment: 818-864-7546


We're happy to answer any questions you may have, feel free to call us at
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